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Krauss Named AWI Director of Research to Operations Communications

Zachary Krauss smiling in front of a map.

The Alabama Water Institute has named Zachary Krauss as its new Director of Research to Operations Communications at The University of Alabama. As director, Krauss is responsible for being the lead scientific communicator and continuing to build the institute’s brand.

“When I think about world-class research institutions, I think about how they have been successful building their brand both in industry and academia, as well as in their local community,” said Krauss.

A native of New York, Krauss earned his bachelor’s degree in atmospheric science from Cornell University and his master’s degree in environmental earth systems management from Millersville University in Pennsylvania. He is also the chief meteorologist and owner of SWCT/NY Weather LLC, a private hyperlocal meteorological consulting firm, and an adjunct professor of climate change education at Goucher College in Maryland.

Krauss has taught physical science topics to K-12 audiences, summer camps and the general public. As AWI’s communications director, he will continue dovetailing his knowledge of the hard sciences with his experience teaching science to the non-scientist.

“The climatic and environmental problems facing our world today are interdisciplinary, and it takes adept scientific communicators to make progress on the resolution of these issues,” Krauss said.

By hiring Krauss, AWI Executive Director Scott Rayder brings new ideas and perspectives to the institute to continue to increase its impact locally, regionally and nationally.

“Zach will bring expertise in promoting and translating AWI science for many audiences and demonstrating to citizens of Alabama how research from Tuscaloosa has national implications, but also returns to our water-rich state,” said Rayder.

Krauss and his team will work to expand AWI’s presence online through its podcast and various social media channels by coordinating and increasing livestreams and Q&A events with AWI-affiliated faculty members, research centers and industry and government partners. Locally, Krauss will build upon in-person water research efforts that will benefit both Tuscaloosa and the UA campus.

“I will work on initiatives such as resuming the AWI H.U.B. Talk Series, giving both the local community and online world an opportunity to hear directly from our renowned researchers and professionals,” he said. “I know I am excited to learn from the team Scott has already built here.”

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